Escale A Capri
Escale A Capri
Escale A Capri
Escale A Capri
Reyane Tradition

Escale A Capri

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Scent type:

Fruity, Fresh

Key notes:

Top notes: Cassis, Mandarin, Grapefruit,

Middle notes: Neroli, Rose, Vetiver

Base notes: Musk, Iris, Vanilla

Perfumer’s notes:

Reyane Tradition's Escale A Capri is a fruity fragrance with succulent notes of mandarin. Inspired by the lively spirit of the Island of Capri, this fragrance will complement your looks and make you the center of attraction. It has a warm and charming effect that makes it an ideal scent for all occasions. It is a real beauty to behold that leaves you feeling confident all day long.

Size: 100ml