Who We Are

Reyane Tradition:

Designing perfumes are above all about pleasure, taste, intuition, sensibility, trends, analysis and the vision that we have for a fragrance. We always innovate our new products with the collaborative help of world-class perfumers teams. Founded in 1999 in Paris, Reyane Tradition is dedicated to the design and development of luxury perfumes.



Reyane Tradition takes pride in our artistry by using nature as an inspiration that is evident with each alluring inhale and by using an organic process of mixing which is exclusive to an authentic French perfumery. Witness the exceptional depth that will stimulate your olfactory senses and phenomenal raw materials.

Our Inspiration:

Reyane Tradition's exceptional perfumers curate each fragrance with extraordinary acuity that will prove to impress. Unlike most modern perfumeries, Reyane Tradition uses raw materials and superb mixing processes that are long-established in France. Our Perfumers have very clear convictions as a brand that will prove to impress. Simplicity is essential to elegance. Things made slowly and with diligence, develop a soul.